Which egg brand do you buy? And why?
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Hi My Friend!

Have you met Mellow Marcy, Talented Tiffany, Tenacious Tonya, or Jaunty Judith?

Well, if you haven't in my opinion you are missing out.

They are all Vital Farms free-range chickens! These happy chicks are providing eggs to happy customers all over the US. Each month Vital Farms puts in a new 3x4 double-sided little card - like a tiny nugget of a newsletter, with a little picture of the chicken roaming the fields, woods, and pastures and company information from how they treat their chickens, farmers, and more.
Wouldn't you love to name chickens for a job! ;)

The way Vital Farms cares about the environment and chickens make me a loyal customer even if I have to pay an extra dollar or two on their cartons. Their commercials are hilarious as well!

And then there is Juana R. and Marisol. These are women who both work for NatureSweet Cherubs Tomatoes company. How do I know that?

When you peel off the top label that says: "Peel Here to Lettuce Out!" on of the little carton {hahaha - oh I love it when companies add a bit of humor in little ways} the employees are showcased on the underside of the label with a simple black and white illustration and a website URL to their 30-sec video.

Why does it matter that jaunty chickens and smiling employees are showcased? Would it help your business to showcase those you care about? What do you think?

The answer is YES, YES, YES!

It says this company cares about its employees enough to showcase them. It gives their audience a greater connection to the brand. Plus, I imagine the spotlighted person or chicken feels pretty honored to be in households all over America.


We started doing this with a Denver bike shop, Elevation Cycles, in their monthly newsletter (see below). The feedback has been amazing! We showcase a couple of photos and a few facts. The store has four locations and a lot of employees. Our goal is to create a greater connection to their customers, creating a stronger community.

So I ask you - how could you do this with your company or brand?

{Each week I’ll have a tip for business based on my experience. This will include SEO, copywriting, design, website, print, and more.}

PSA: Domain Registration! Don't lose yours!
Here's my warning - not to be dramatic :) BUT - this has happened to two clients I know of.
1: Nonprofits: If you have a .org by all means get your .com. Redirect your .com to your main site (.org). I have seen two cases where the client hasn't and another company has snatched up the .com! (how rude!!) They are leveraging the nonprofit's visitor numbers. Basically domain hijacking. Think about it how many times do you accidentally type .com instead of .org?

2: Close Spellings/Usual Misspellings: Do you have a domain name that is often mistyped by a letter or two? Maybe with or without the "s"?  It may be a good idea for a few extra bucks a year to snatch up that extra domain. It'll help out your audience as well.

3. Your Name: Do you have a business that many people may refer to before your company name? Sadly in my case, someone has mine :( And I'm not willing to shell out the mula to get it. Maybe when our children are born we should just register their domain name as a baby gift! Ha!

There are plenty of places to register domains. I won't go into a long list. Just message me if you aren't sure where to start.

{I will share a project I’ve worked on. This may be recent or past work.}  

Getting to know the employees! Here's a peek at the section of the newsletter for Elevation Cycles. Each month a new employee is highlighted. I just tell you they have some incredibly talented bike riders!

{I will share what I’m listening to, watching, and reading. Each week it will be one of these.}   

Disrupt! 100 Lessons in Business Innovation by James Bidwell: I am loving this book! There so many amazing innovative ideas to both inspire you and think to yourself wow who thought of that? And oooh I hope that comes to America (some are in the US some not)Check it out

It is broken down into different sectors, from health, education, retail, smart cities, and more. For example - Street Lights that are also mosquito traps! A smart medical kit for at-home check-ups!

{I'll share a photo from my life. I absolutely love my work, I also love life and living it to the fullest.}
Apparently, Snowmageddon is coming to Colorado this weekend! A snowy yard means not only clearing the sidewalks and driveway but MOST importantly clearing the lawn strip for the 10lb Boston Terrier! Clearly, we were not keeping up with it in this photo! She's not happy ;)

Thank you for reading! I know you're busy. Somedays I feel like a Tasmanian devil and the other days I'm so overwhelmed I feel like a sloth and I'm not sure what to do!

I'm really excited about the year ahead and all I can share with you as I take on this journey. I can't wait to tell you more about the mentor group I am that has me grinning ear to ear!

If you have any feedback on the newsletter please feel free to respond. I read all my emails and I will respond.

Have a great week! Until next time (two weeks!!),


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